By Jennifer Carstvo Mjortvych • Allgemein • 4 Apr 2013

Yeah finally I did it… okay actually a friend of mine shaved my hair. (Thanks btw ♥) I’ve been thinking about it for 7 years now. Well, actually I wanted to get a Mohican/Mohawk but now it turned out to be a sidecut on an interim basis. But anyways… I’m quite happy about it even though so many people told me not to do it. Well- hair loss but as my hair is thaaat thin by nature it doesn’t make a difference. Haha.

I’m sooo excited to wear Lolita with it, naaaaw! By no later than April 15th because then is gonna be the next Candyday, which is our local Lolita meet-up. 🙂

IMGP8799 - Kopie

And yeah, I’m wearing my Placebo shirt. One of the best groups ever, eeever! ♥

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  1. Hach.. sieht toll aus *_*
    Ich trau mich nicht … :/ Meh.

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