Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2013

By Jennifer Carstvo Mjortvych • Allgemein • 26 Mai 2013

Last weekend we went to Leipzig, I was looking forward to it since last Whitsun, because the WGT always is kind of… my highlight every spring. ♥

Day 1


After I had my last day of school (ever!, I just have 2 exams left, woho!) Vani and me picked up Mike and Jana, who is a friend of mine and organized us a sleeping-place, and drove to Leipzig. Unfortunately the weather was very very bad and we had some traffic jams wherefore we just arrived 7 hours later… -actually we just need about 3 hours to Leipzig… ^^°

The first day we just went to the Agra, which is like the meeting Point of the whole Festival and in which you can shop quite a lot. 😛

A little picture of our outfits…

yeah I‘m quite tall with these Heels. 😛

Day 2


The second day we got up a little bit too late but it was worth it because as we came to the „heidnischen Dorf“, that is the biiig medieval market-thingy of the WGT, there were… take a look!

Yeaaah, Orcs! Which was quite cool because we’re both obsessed to Lord of the Rings online. And this was kind of… „wtf is real life?“ 😛 …It was a little scary though, haha.

And for sure: Our guuuys! 😀
IMGP9761 - Kopie

After beeing a view ours in the „heidnischen Dorf“, the day seemed to become the absolutely best day of my life because Coppelius played there, which is my  favorite music group for 2 years now. ♥ I went to their absolutely fantastic concert with Vani and with Julie- you probably remember her? We’ve been visiting the WGT together now since 2011. 🙂
IMG-20130521-WA0021IMG-20130521-WA0003 - Kopie

Day 3

Yeeeah that IMGP9817was our breakfast for the third day. Betty and Jana made Starberry Cupcakes the day before. They looked to nicse and were just soooo tasty, nomnom! 🙂

Then we were just chilling around a little and looking at all these nice dressed people. *-*

First of all we went to the Agra, where GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAthis picture was taken. We all three were wondering whether one outfit was pretty or not. I still can’t say it, hehe.

Afterwards we stayed in the „heidnischen Dorf“ and tasted so called devil’s Beer, which was spice beer out of an old barrel. Tastes quite good. In the evening we went to a concert of a russian music group. I unfortunately forgot their name, but they were quite cool!

Day 4

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe last day, nooo! On the last day we were just shopping a little, becuase it was the last possibility. (I personally didn’t buy anything, becuase I’m out of money atm, but my friends did)
In this picutre you for example could see Laurin with his gas mask, wahaha he was so happy to finally have one.

As the day slowly came to an and I realized that we didn’t have any group picutre so we made one. Probably you know some guys from the last WGT-Video? 😛IMGP0071 - Kopie

IMG-20130521-WA0001The last thing Mike, Vani and me did, was to go to the „Saltatio Mortis“ concert in the evening, which is Vanis favorite band and  btw was one of the first things Vani and I talked about while we got to know each other… 😛

Afterwards we all were happy and drove back home… we arrived at 4:10 AM… puh.

Yeah that’s it. ♥

If you want to see videos:
WGT 2013: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gb9RECVY1Gk
WGT 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FkUlhcgrKA
WGT 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtFWqLtkCqo

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  1. Dein Outfit an Tag 2 gefällt mir am besten! Vani sieht aber auch cool aus! Ich hoffe, ihr hattet alle eine tolle Zeit, das WGT ist ja allein rein zum Gucken der Wahnsinn. Ich weiß noch, wie ich damals in der 10. (lange her ^^) mit der Klasse zufällig zu der Zeit da waren und voll begeistert, v.a. von den toll gekleideten Damen waren. 🙂 Muss ich bei Zeit und Gelegenheit doch mal besuchen 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,

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